Statement of compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code

We are pleased to confirm that the Board has complied with all provisions of the Code throughout 2020, with the exception of the following:

  • Provision 19: David Evans has been appointed Chair for over nine years, the maximum tenure permitted under the Code. However, this period can be extended for a limited period of time to facilitate effective succession planning or a diverse board, particularly where the Chair was an existing Non-Executive Director when appointed, as David was. During the last year, two Non-Executive Directors have been appointed, resulting in Avon Protection's most diverse board to date. David is stepping down from the Board on the 2nd December 2020.

  • Provision 24: The Chair of the Board was a member of the Audit Committee, which is not permitted under the Code. It was considered that the Chair should remain a member of the Committee for a further limited period, in order to ensure continuity and facilitate a smooth transition following the appointment of two new Non-Executive Directors. On Bruce Thompson's appointment as Chair of the Board, he will step down from the Audit Committee.

  • Provision 36: The Code states that the Remuneration Committee should develop a formal policy for post-employment shareholding requirements encompassing both unvested and vested shares. Post-cessation shareholding requirements have been introduced for Executive Directors this year. Our approach to this is further detailed on p.73 of the 2021 Remuneration Policy in the annual report.

  • Provision 38: The Code stipulates that pension contribution rates for Executive Directors should be aligned with those available to the workforce. Pension contributions for new Executive Directors are aligned with the rate available to the workforce and current Executive Directors will be aligned by the start of the 2023/24 financial year.

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