We deliver our purpose through our strategy which is built on 3 fundamental steps: Growing the Core, Selective Product Development and Value Enhancing Acquisitions.

Growing the Core

We are recognised as the leader within our chosen market segments. There are further opportunities to maximise growth from our product and service portfolio through:

  • Leveraging the product and customer base
  • Responding to customers' growing needs
  • Offering new models and solutions
  • Expanding our reach through distribution
  • Enhancing our commercial effectiveness
  • Continuing focus on operational excellence

NSPA framework contract

Strategy in action

U.S. DOD M53A1 contract

Strategy in action

Selective Product Development

We have a reputation for technological excellence and innovation, with a strong tradition of new product development. We see organic growth opportunities through:

  • Moving up the value chain in respiratory and head protection
  • Enabling technologies and integrated systems 

IHPS contract award

Strategy in action

U.K. MOD GSR agreement

Strategy in action

Value Enhancing Acquisitions

Acquisitions have been part of our growth strategy for a number of years. In the short-term, we are focused on the integration of our current operations and building our respiratory and head protection business organically. In the medium to long-term, we will return to acquisitions as a driver for growth.

Acquisition of 3M's Ceradyne business

Strategy in action

Acquisition of Team Wendy

Strategy in action